Z33 Research

Z33 Research art and design research studios re-enforce and recapitulate strands of thought and research from exhibition projects of Z33 House of Contemporary Art in Hasselt, Belgium. Three thematic research studios – Studio Time, Studio Work and Studio Space – accumulate and connect practice-based and academic research into an evolving body of knowledge.

Z33 Research online (beta) collects and connects the different research threads. A new Z33 Research online platform for art and design research will be launched in early 2018.

Z33 House for Contemporary Art

Z33 House for Contemporary Art in Hasselt, Belgium, organizes projects and exhibitions of contemporary art and design. Instead of having a permanent collection, Z33 focuses on an ongoing programme of temporary exhibitions. These exhibitions always have a strong social and research-based orientation, and they address topics from various artistic standpoints with a critical eye. Each project combines an exhibition with an extensive programme of related events. In addition to exhibitions, Z33 organizes artistic projects in public spaces and serves as a curator for exhibitions for external parties.

Projects at Z33 House for Contemporary Art touch on specific societal issues without an obligation for the ideas of proposals to be scientifically true, economically productive or politically correct. Alternative visions, multiple voices, fluctuating meanings and interpretations of the projects challenge to re-think certain issues with a fresh and open mindset.

In the past years, Z33 House for Contemporary Art has redefined its core from a project-based exhibition maker to a research-based institution. Z33 exhibitions have always been strongly based on research with a focus on phenomena not only from perspectives of art and design, but with a frame of interlinking these views with theoretical, scientific and philosophical thought. Exhibition projects that spread out over several years constantly reconsider and build on themes, projects and artists of earlier exhibitions. In 2013, Z33 House for Contemporary Art established Z33 Research in order to recapitulate the different projects and time frames into continuous strands of research.

In 2017–18, Z33 House for Contemporary Art will be renovated and a new wing will be built.

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Z33 House for Contemporary Art is an initiative of the Province of Limburg.