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September 22, 2017Nuclear Culture

Andy Weir. Deep Decay – Into Diachronic Polychromatic Material Fictions

by Z33

Beyond debates around ethics of responsibility to future generations, artist and writer Andy Weir argues that what is invoked is a more radical futurity, where human thought confronts its contingency alongside nuclear timescales. What specific knowle... Read more »


Kota Takeuchi. Selfie HADES (2016). Arts Catalyst, exhibition image, 2016. September 20, 2017Nuclear Culture

Ele Carpenter. Getting Closer to Deep Time with Kota Takeuchi

by Z33

Over the last 6 years, Fukushima-based artist Kota Takeuchi has made a series of intelligently informed and aesthetically embedded artworks that draw us closer to the contaminated site of the dilapidated Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant. Text... Read more »

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September 19, 2017STUDIO SPACE

Liesbeth Huybrechts & Veerle Van der Sluys. On Interventions and Institutions

by Z33

Small-scale citizen or professional initiatives can play a role in shaping to our cities. Without a profound research into the role of the small-scale in city-making, it might be easily romanticised or not taken seriously. Text Liesbeth Huybrechts... Read more »


September 15, 2017Nuclear Culture

Ele Carpenter. God of the Underworld

by Z33

Ele Carpenter, curator of Nuclear Culture, reflects on overcoming nuclear fear and reclaiming agency through a visit to Belgium-based nuclear research lab, High-Activity Disposal Experimental Site HADES. What can be the agency of art and architecture... Read more »

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