Näyttökuva 2017-05-08 kohteessa 15.47.13 April 13, 2017DESIS Philosophy Talks


Designers working with local communities, encouraging active citizenship and new forms of participatory policy making, are also contributing to a shift in the very notions of citizenship and politics. Therefore, their work has a political impact and ... Read more »

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Studio Makkink & Bey, PROOFFLab at Home. Work at Home #3, 2013. Z33 Commission. Atelier à Habiter, Z33 House for Contemporary Art, 1 December 2013–30 March 2014. © Kristof Vrancken / Z33. March 13, 2017Studio Future

Studio Future – Future Fictions in Art and Design. A Book


New Z33 book, ‘Studio Future – Future Fictions in Art and Design,’ approaches questions imagination, future literacy and ethics of future-oriented design and art practices. The publication, which will be published in the early 2018, consists of... Read more »

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z33-manufactuur30-mainimage-lr-photo-kristofvrancken November 9, 2016STUDIO TIME

Manufactuur 3.0


Exhibition MANUFACTUUR 3.0 searches for new production models in a fast changing world. Digital revolutions, ecological awareness and shifts in the fields of work and labour encourage us to rethink the traditional industrial production model. MANUFAC... Read more »

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fieldstationtimexylarium November 8, 2016STUDIO TIME

Fieldstation Time: Xylarium


Together with Ecole Mondiale, the research of artists Ive Van Bostraeten and Filip Van Dingenen, Z33 Research will organize a number of Field Stations and field trips around the theme "Inhabiting Time" in the course of this and next year. Upcoming Mo... Read more »

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Z33 Research re-enforces and recapitulates strands of thought and research from exhibition projects of Z33 House of Contemporary Art in Hasselt, Belgium. Thematic art and design research studios – Studio Time, Studio Work and Studio Space – accumulate and connect the practice-based and academic research into an evolving body of knowledge. Z33 Research online (beta) collects and connects these different research threads. A new Z33 Research online platform for art and design research will be launched in late 2017 / early 2018.

Z33 House for Contemporary Art

Z33 House for Contemporary Art in Hasselt, Belgium, organizes projects and exhibitions of contemporary art and design. Instead of having a permanent collection, Z33 focuses on an ongoing programme of temporary exhibitions. These exhibitions always have a strong social and research-based orientation, and they address topics from various artistic standpoints with a critical eye. Each project combines an exhibition with an extensive programme of related events. In addition to exhibitions, Z33 organizes artistic projects in public spaces and serves as curator for exhibitions for external parties. In 2017–18, Z33 House for Contemporary Art will be renovated and a new wing will be built.

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