Istanbul-Design-Biennial_web October 13, 2017STUDIO WORK

Learning from Learning at A School of Schools. Open Call

by Z33

Istanbul Design Biennial 2018, curated by Jan Boelen, will focus on design education and knowledge under a theme 'A School of Schools'. An open call for the biennial is looking for both schools and learners to participate in the biennial. Text 4th... Read more »

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Expressions in multiple forms_web October 10, 2017STUDIO WORK

Michael Kaethler. The Curator as Hermes: A Mediator Between Knowledge Worlds

by Z33

Through the staging and framing of cultural artefacts, the curator creates new physical and conceptual relationships, merging audiences, spaces, and ideas into new composites that transcend their invariable appearances. Text Michael Kaethler. ... Read more »


PDC2018_Democracy June 9, 2017STUDIO WORK

Participatory Design Conference 2018. Open Call

by Z33

Participatory Design Conference, held on 20–24 August 2018 in Hasselt and Genk, is calling for submissions – full papers, short papers, workshops and tutorials. Open call for participation open until 10 November 2017 / 9 February 2018. Text Z3... Read more »

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earth1967 September 21, 2016STUDIO TIME

Jan Boelen. New Condition of the Earth

by Z33

The Earth is not in crisis, but in a new condition for living and for design. How can a designer be aware of how the world is represented and how it shapes, mediates and affects our thoughts, behaviour and worldviews? How can designers take action to... Read more »

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