DESIS Philosophy Talks

Näyttökuva 2017-05-08 kohteessa 15.47.13 April 13, 2017DESIS Philosophy Talks

by Z33

Designers working with local communities, encouraging active citizenship and new forms of participatory policy making, are also contributing to a shift in the very notions of citizenship and politics. Therefore, their work has a political impact and ... Read more »

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DESIS Philosophy Talks

DESIS Philosophy Talks aim to stimulate dialogue between the fields of philosophy and design, starting from concrete cases of design for social innovation. Several notions, which normally belong to the field of social sciences, appear to emerge from a kind of ‘phenomenological’ study of different cases of design for social innovation. DESIS Philosophy Talks are an initiative of Ezio Manzini and Virginia Tassinari of DESIS International.