Nuclear Culture

David Mabb: A Provisional Memorial to Nuclear Disarmament (2015). Perpetual Uncertainty, Z33 House for Contemporary Art, 17 September–10 December 2017. © Kristof Vrancken / Z33. October 3, 2017Nuclear Culture

Exhibition. Perpetual Uncertainty

by Z33

Perpetual Uncertainty is an exploration of contemporary art in the nuclear anthropocene. The exhibition brings together international artists from across Europe, the USA and Japan to investigate experiences of nuclear technology, radiation and the co... Read more »


September 22, 2017Nuclear Culture

Andy Weir. Deep Decay – Into Diachronic Polychromatic Material Fictions

by Z33

Beyond debates around ethics of responsibility to future generations, artist and writer Andy Weir argues that what is invoked is a more radical futurity, where human thought confronts its contingency alongside nuclear timescales. What specific knowle... Read more »


Kota Takeuchi. Selfie HADES (2016). Arts Catalyst, exhibition image, 2016. September 20, 2017Nuclear Culture

Ele Carpenter. Getting Closer to Deep Time with Kota Takeuchi

by Z33

Over the last 6 years, Fukushima-based artist Kota Takeuchi has made a series of intelligently informed and aesthetically embedded artworks that draw us closer to the contaminated site of the dilapidated Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant. Text... Read more »

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September 15, 2017Nuclear Culture

Ele Carpenter. God of the Underworld

by Z33

Ele Carpenter, curator of Nuclear Culture, reflects on overcoming nuclear fear and reclaiming agency through a visit to Belgium-based nuclear research lab, High-Activity Disposal Experimental Site HADES. What can be the agency of art and architecture... Read more »

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