November 8, 2016

Fieldstation Time: Xylarium

by Ils Huygens

Together with Ecole Mondiale, the research of artists Ive Van Bostraeten and Filip Van Dingenen, Z33 Research will organize a number of Field Stations and field trips around the theme “Inhabiting Time” in the course of this and next year. Upcoming Monday, November 14th, we start with a first Field Station in Xylarium the Tervuren Museum.

Text Ils Huygens


Time is one of the great intangible and archetypical experiences of men. In this EM-Fieldstation we would like to reflect on the concept of time from the idea of “Inhabiting time”, time as it can be experienced to the fullest. From the EM-principles and together with a group of specialists we would like to develop a Fldst-Time-Tool-Box and compare different models, concepts and theories on Time. The first preliminary EM-Fieldstation is organized in the Xylarium of Tervuren, which holds the largest collection of wood specimens from around the world.

The idea is to develop through a series of different Fieldstations what the experience of time can mean today and what this can mean for the development of the Ecole Mondiale as an institute and for Z33Research? How can we acknowledge different perspectives on time that are in paradox, and conflict with each other? How can we Inhabit Time? Or Re-inhabit time? And which time are we then talking about? Which notion of time? Does time even exist?

The program for the 14th will consist of a guided tour of the Xylarium, introductions to tue 2 ways of time (kairos vs kronos), a time related lunch followed by time therapy and a lecture by Pieter Riemens (Maharishi institute for Vedic Science). At the end of a day this will result in a mapping and brainstorm session to determine subtopics, directions and ideas for next fieldstations in order to collectively develop the idea of ‘inhabiting time’.

For detailed program and participants list please check the Ecole Mondiale website:

Fieldstation Time is organized by Z33 and Ecole Mondiale

Interested in knowing more or participating in this or future Fieldstations: please contact ils.huygens[at]


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