May 5, 2017

by Z33

The Nuclear Culture Roundtables bring together artists, architects, philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists along with nuclear agencies, scientists, stakeholders and NGO’s. A first Belgian round table discussion will take place in collaboration with artist Cécile Massart and curator Ele Carpenter.

Via Z33 House for Contemporary Art

The participants in the round table are Leo Van Broeck (Vlaams Bouwmeester), Dirk Somers (Bovenbouw architects), Cécile Massart (artist), Victor Levy (professor of architecture Horta, La Cambre ULB), Philippe Hunt (professor of philosophy and literature, ArBA-EsA), Danielle Leenaerts (art historian, professor), Carolina Serra (professor of anthropology, ERG), Aldo Guillaume Turin (semiologist), Maarten Van Geet and Christophe Depaus (ONDRAF/NIRAS, Belgian Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials).

The discussion will be moderated by Ele Carpenter, curator of the Nuclear Culture project. •



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