Z33 Research

Z33 Research articulates the broader subjects and lines of thought that Z33 seeks to address over a longer period of time, through exhibitions, productions, publications and other artistic projects. Z33 Research is based on an interdisciplinary approach and aims to connect visions of artists and designers with theoretical, scientific and philosophical thought and knowledge. Research, in this way, is not seen as a specific method or practice, but rather as an attitude, a questioning position and generous curiosity, that defines the way in which curators, artists and designers approach the world.

The projects and artists in Z33 Research provide alternative visions, multiple voices and dynamic interpretations that encourage the re-evaluation of societal matters with a fresh and open mind-set, triggered by the imaginary and poetic character of art and design.

Z33 Research currently consists of three research studios, each with its own thematic approach: Studio Time, Studio Space and Studio Work. On www.z33research.be, the various research themes are linked together by means of essays and editorial contributions from artists, writers and curators.

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Z33 House for Contemporary Art

Z33 creates projects, exhibitions, productions and publications by and with artists. Contemporary art, architecture, design and film are used to bring to the fore and critically examine a variety of social themes. The projects are always the result of a long-term and deepening research and lead to an extensive program of artistic activities. Z33 aims to question the norm, encourage curiosity, and provide a new frame of reference, but also seeks to provide knowledge, skills and tools to its public so as to set things in motion. Z33 has a particular focus on talent development as well as on projects that stimulate new connections between artists, designers, researchers, scientists and (urban) residents. Z33 regularly acts as curator and partner for organisations and research and educational institutions within and outside the arts field.

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