Installation view, A School of Schools, C-Mine Genk, photo Selma Gurbuz
September 11, 2019STUDIO TIMESchool of Time

A School of Schools: Transcending the Bauhaus

by Nadine Botha

  [caption id="attachment_1943" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Installation view, A School of Schools, C-Mine Genk, photo Selma Gurbuz[/caption] Last year, when we initiated the topic of A School of Schools, it was exactly 99 years ago ... Read more »

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September 24, 2014STUDIO WORK

Vera Sacchetti & Tamar Shafrir. A Good Virus

by Z33

Partly triggered by the crisis and partly fighting to stay relevant, in recent years biennials have stepped out of their traditional boundaries by inviting multidisciplinary teams of curators to share relevant perspectives, exploring controversial ni... Read more »

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May 24, 2014STUDIO WORK

Sound Art in Visual Arts. The Symposium

by Z33

'Sense of Sound' symposium brought together six curators specialized in sound art to discuss the status of sound art within the field of visual arts. The speakers include Joost Fonteyne, director of Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk and Sounding City,... Read more »

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BIO 50 – 24th Biennial of Design Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 18 September–7 December 2014. © Lucijan & Vladimir.
April 6, 2014STUDIO WORK

Jan Boelen. Curatorial Statement for BIO 50 – 24th Biennial of Design Ljubljana

by admin

Since its founding in 1964, the Biennial of Design (BIO) in Ljubljana has surveyed the state of contemporary design from the heart of Central Europe. Witnessing the many shifts and changes the discipline has undergone in the last 50 years, BIO has se... Read more »

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Aernoudt Jacobs, Induction Series #4, 2014. Z33 Co-production. Sense of Sound, Z33 House for contemporary art, 2 March–25 May 2014. © Kristof Vrancken / Z33.
March 15, 2014STUDIO WORK

Aernoudt Jacobs. Induction Series #4, 2014

by Z33

The Induction Series by Aernoudt Jacobs, co-produced by Z33, reviews and re-interprets the laws of electromagnetic induction to make sounds, and emphasizes the transition between what can be seen and what can be heard. Text Z33 House for contemporar... Read more »

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Jeroen Vandesande, Circuit 03, 2014. Sense of Sound, Z33 House for contemporary art, 2 March–25 May 2014. © Kristof Vrancken / Z33.
March 4, 2014STUDIO WORK

Exhibition as Sound. Sense of Sound

by Z33

In the case of sound art, the medium itself forces the viewer to change his normal mode of perception. Finding the right form for the presentation is a crucial element, especially in the world of visual arts that is mostly focused on the visual. Tex... Read more »

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The Wilde Things, Z33 House for contemporary art, 13 October 2013–19 January 2014. © Kristof Vrancken / Z33.
October 11, 2013STUDIO WORK

Exhibition as Novel. The Wilde Things

by Z33

With exhibition 'The Wilde Things,' Z33 explores new presentation models for contemporary jewellery in context of a wearer and within a narrative framework. Furthermore it takes a critical look at current developments within this discipline, which ha... Read more »

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All the Knives (Any Printed Story on Request). Curated by Åbäke. Z33 and Frans Masereel Centre co-production. Z33 House for contemporary art, 18 October 2012–16 February 2013. © Åbäke.
October 20, 2012STUDIO WORK

Exhibition as Performance. Any Printed Story on Request

by Z33

Based on performance, exhibition All the Knives (Any Printed Story on Request) is triggered by audience entering the exhibition space. Always animated by performers, the show gathers stories of objects that are in constant flux. Text Z33 House for c... Read more »

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