October 22, 2018STUDIO WORK

A-Z Night #7. The Future Of Work

by Jozefien Van Beek

[caption id="attachment_1877" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Wide Vercnocke, 2018.[/caption] About four times per year, I have a minor to intermediate existential crisis. In eighty per cent of cases, it is about work. Doubts. About the point of i... Read more »

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Studio Makkink & Bey, PROOFFLab at Home. Work at Home #3, 2013. Z33 Commission. Atelier à Habiter, Z33 House for Contemporary Art, 1 December 2013–30 March 2014. © Kristof Vrancken / Z33.

Future Thinking in Art and Design. A Book

by Z33

New Z33 Research book, ‘Future Thinking in Art and Design,’ approaches questions imagination, future literacy and ethics of future-oriented design and art practices. The publication, which will be published in the early 2018, consists of essays a... Read more »

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Neïl Beloufa, People's Passion, Lifestyle, Beautiful Wine, Gigantic Glass Towers, All Surrounded by Water, 2013; video 2011. Future Fictions – Perspectives on World-building, Z33 House for contemporary art, 5 October 2014–4 January 2015. © Kristof Vrancken / Z33.
September 11, 2014STUDIO TIMEStudio Future

Imagining Futures. Perspectives on World-building

by Z33

Future visions are everywhere. Politicians promise us a better future – certainly in times of elections – scientists and technologists work towards it, companies try to shape a version of the future in which their products and services become nec... Read more »

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Future Thinking. Interview with Tobias Revell

by admin

In the first Z33 Debate, 'Future Thinking,' Jan Boelen and Tobias Revell explore a series of questions related to design and future thinking. Whereas all designers design for the future, some do it more intentionally than others; for some, proposing ... Read more »

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