Milan Design Week

School of Time, photo by Kristof Vrancken, copyright z33

Time School or a School of Time

by Ils Huygens

  [caption id="attachment_1850" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] School of Time, photo by Kristof Vrancken, copyright z33[/caption] Staged in Salt Galata’s exhibition space, Time School speaks to the overarching concept of the Biennial,... Read more »

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Jon Stam

Virginia Tassinari. The Wunderkammer of the Future: Philosophical Notes on the Idea of History in Speculative Design Practices

by Virginia Tassinari

Virginia Tassinari explores how Walter Benjamin's reflections on history can illuminate speculative design’s implicit critique of the linear understanding of history and time. This contribution is linked to the next Desis Philosophy Talk that w... Read more »

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Discourse and Critique. Interview with Johanna Agermann Ross and Tamar Shafrir

by admin

Jan Boelen, Johanna Agermann Ross of Disegno magazine and  freelance design writer and critic Tamar Shafrir discuss the role of design discourse and critique at the horizon of Milan Design Week. Text Karen Verschooren Duration 01:03:35, in Engli... Read more »

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Mentorship and Collaboration. Interview with Aldo Bakker and Rianne Makkink

by admin

In the third debate, Jan Boelen, Aldo Bakker and Rianne Makkink discuss their practice of mentorship and collaboration in their role as teachers at the Design Academy Eindhoven, in their own studios, and as mentors in the upcoming design biennial BIO... Read more »

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Practice of Exhibiting. Interview with Joseph Grima

by admin

In the second Z33 Debate, 'Practice of Exhibiting,' Jan Boelen and Joseph Grima discuss the background and their ideas for a 'European Design Parliament.' Text Karen Verschooren Duration 00:51:23, in English. Functioning in a (design) world, w... Read more »

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Future Thinking. Interview with Tobias Revell

by admin

In the first Z33 Debate, 'Future Thinking,' Jan Boelen and Tobias Revell explore a series of questions related to design and future thinking. Whereas all designers design for the future, some do it more intentionally than others; for some, proposing ... Read more »

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Tamar Shafrir. Design Discourse vs. Milan Design Week

by admin

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano is widely considered one of the most important showcases of furniture and design worldwide. The largest of its kind, it is the annual meeting place for anyone who has or wants to carve out a spot for him... Read more »

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